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Risk Management Program

A Commitment to Business Continuity

Swagelok proactively manages risk with a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management/Business Continuity Program. It focuses on potential threats to organizational value (physical, financial, tangible, and intangible). We vigilantly apply advanced risk identification, quantification, mitigation, and elimination strategies to ensure continued delivery performance, continuity of supply, and financial strength. Swagelok’s focus on risk mitigation and/or risk elimination has allowed us and our authorized distributors to provide consistently high levels of customer service and uncompromising quality during all market and environmental conditions.

Integrated Supply Chain Practices

  • Fully integrated supplier assessment and ranking ensures continuity of supply for our customers
  • Tight controls
  • Robust internal and external manufacturing capabilities
  • Authorized and exclusive global distributor network
  • Fully operational IT disaster recovery plan with offsite third-party vendor
  • Secure and redundant information systems
  • Comprehensive crisis management plan

Program Benefits

Swagelok views Risk Management/Business Continuity as a key component of the value we provide to our customers. Application of the program enables:

  • World class quality – high value and high performance in our products, processes, and services
  • Continuity of supply – speed and urgency
  • Seamless flow of information and knowledge
  • The ability to respond to change quickly – flexible, adaptive, and creative