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Training and Education

Swagelok welding system training class

Your Resource for Expert Knowledge and Training

Swagelok’s training and education programs provide our customers with a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges and keeping up with the latest fluid system technologies. With in-depth courses taught by experienced instructors, Swagelok offers a variety of training and education programs to help enhance your team’s fluid systems expertise.

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Swagelok Essentials

Learn to build and maintain dependable systems. Courses taught by Swagelok-certified trainers at locations and times convenient to you.

Sampling System Training

Choose from three courses that will help you diagnose, troubleshoot and eliminate sampling system design flaws. Taught by industry experts with 30+ years’ experience.

Materials Science Training

Learn how to choose the right corrosion-resistant materials to keep fluid systems leak tight and operating efficiently.

Swagelok Orbital Welding

Learn orbital welding principles, system setup, operation, and troubleshooting.

Steam Services Training

Learn to properly operate, design, and maintain a steam system for improved energy efficiency, productivity and safety, as well as reduced emissions.

Advanced Tube Bending

Learn different methods of tube bending for both simple and complex offset bends with hand and bench-top tube benders. See also Tube Bending Essentials.

Tech Tips Videos

Access a wide range of Swagelok expertise at your convenience with our video library, with topics from tube bending assembly to regulator applications.


Take a deep dive into Swagelok’s expertise as captured in technical articles. Also, see our authoritative reference text on sampling system design.

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