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Improve Sampling System Performance with Pre-Engineered Subsystems

Using Standard Subsystems to Simplify Sampling

Standard pre-engineered subsystems can bring efficiency to an operation by simplifying the design of fluid sampling and control systems. This also creates a fully documented system, making it much easier to acquire and assemble parts, and to ensure consistency across facilities-- even across continents.

using standard subsystems

Here are some common types of subsystems that can enhance the performance of your sampling systems:

calibration and switching modules

Calibration and Switching Modules

A calibration and switching module eliminates the potential for contamination by properly selecting process or calibration streams. The module also preconditions the sample so that it is inserted into the analyzer at the appropriate pressure, temperature, flow and filtration levels.

fast loop modules

Fast Loop Modules

Fast loop modules are used to minimize time delays and provide fresh, representative samples, particularly when sample transport lines are long.

field station modules

Field Station Modules

A field station module reduces gas pressure at or near the sample extraction point. Transporting samples at lower pressure results in faster analyzer response time.

fluid distribution headers

Fluid Distribution Headers

Fluid distribution headers are used as versatile manifolds  in a variety of gas and liquid applications, providing a flow path  with multiple outlets, similar to a large branch fitting.

sample probe modules

Sample Probe Modules

Using sample probes modules in conjunction with sample probe valves can improve safety as well as sample purity and timeliness .