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More Than Parts – Partnerships

Bob Wilson, vice president of marketing, Swagelok Company, describes the challenges customers face today and how Swagelok has evolved to better serve customers with high-quality, readily available products, application expertise, and services that drive efficiencies and cost savings.

Our Mission Focus on the Customer Video

Focus on the Customer

At Swagelok, we are singularly focused on the customer’s experience. That’s our mission.

Swagelok Customers and Markets  Video

Developing Current and Future STEM and Manufacturing Leaders

Discover how and why Swagelok invests in the education, personal development, and training of STEM and manufacturing leaders - associates of today and tomorrow.

Swagelok Customers and Markets  Video

Swagelok Focuses on the Success of Customers

Learn how the uniqueness of Swagelok's business model enables a deeply collaborative and highly personalized One Swagelok experience for our customers.

Swagelok Customers and Markets  Video

Supply Chain Optimization and Sourcing Transformation

Consider how Swagelok’s approach to managing its global supply chain and raw materials testing positively impacts the quality of its products and service levels.

Swagelok Customers and Markets  Video

More Than Parts – Partnerships

Swagelok is a market leader for more than just having the best quality products when our customers need them. We’re also an expert partner to our customers.