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Swagelok Inventory

So You Can Count On Us

In many projects, the fluid system components are the last to be ordered, and they are needed – next week – this week – or even today.

We know these scenarios and we plan for them. It’s part of our brand promise that we will be there for our customers with a robust supply of Make to Stock (MTS) products. We keep about 10,500 standard products in inventory, and these are readily available at our 225 sales and service centers worldwide.

Our “One Swagelok” business model enables inventory management among all these locations, and every new order figures into the order history and planning for that location.

Further, at our main assembly plant, we keep a large inventory of components so we can provide short lead times on Assemble to Order (ATO) products – a considerable investment that we make for our customers.

We know that trust is paramount – trust that we will do what we say.

Collaborative Replenishment

Swagelok’s collaborative replenishment program ensures our roughly 10,500 make-to-stock products are available and on hand at our distributor and customer locations when they need them.

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