50,000 times the force of gravity

More than 135,000 thrust horsepower

180 times the power of a Formula 1 race car

See how Swagelok is helping to make engineering history.

Meet the Supersonic Car.
A rocket on wheels.

In 2008, some of the world’s most revered engineers set out to do the impossible: create a car that can reach 1,000 mph and shatter the World Land Speed Record. They looked to partners like Swagelok to help them build the BLOODHOUND SSC (Supersonic Car), a rocket car that’s faster than a speeding bullet and capable of crossing more than four football fields in a single second.

In 2015 and 2016, the BLOODHOUND SSC will tear through the African desert with fighter pilot Andy Green at the wheel.

Learn how Swagelok engineers and components will help ensure that Andy and the BLOODHOUND SSC make history and arrive at the finish line safely.

Preparing to Launch

Swagelok is a global leader in fluid system solutions. Every valve and fitting we create is designed to perform under pressure. So when the BLOODHOUND team began to engineer the record-breaking car that would take Andy from zero to 1,000 mph safely, they looked to Swagelok Bristol for help.

Take a look under the hood to see the important roles Swagelok® components play in the BLOODHOUND SSC.

BLOODHOUND SSC profile photo

Winglet Operation

From a hydraulic pump that sits below the jet, Swagelok hoses and fittings will feed 3,000 psi to the vehicle’s winglet blades – a key safety feature designed to trim wheel loads and ensure the car is aerodynamically neutral, like a dart.

Air Brake Operation

Several Swagelok components are found in the hydraulic lines that connect the brake pedal to the air brakes – Andy’s primary means of slowing down. These include Swagelok fittings, quick connects and a hose.

Rocket Engine Oxidizer System

Swagelok components play a few key roles in the rocket engine oxidizer system, which uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide known as High Test Peroxide (HTP).

Consistent Pressure Delivery

A Swagelok hose and regulator will maintain constant pressure in the rocket’s oxidizer tank, preventing vacuum damage as the tank empties in 20 seconds. In addition, a pressure relief valve and a hose enable the relief of excess pressure in the system.

Fuel Delivery

A Swagelok hose and regulator will rapidly purge the rocket oxidizer delivery line with 1,000 psi of air pressure – a critical safety step to ensure no additional oxidizer reaches the rocket, extinguishing it on demand.

Sealing the Pump

A Swagelok regulator and hose used in the nitrogen system will maintain 22 bar of constant pressure in the HTP oxidizer seal pack. This is vital to the operation of the seal system.

Rocket Engine Refueling

During the record-breaking ride, the car will need to be refueled with rocket oxidizer between runs. Swagelok fittings, hoses and valves aid in efficient oxidizer delivery between the refuel rig and the car.


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