Ready to reduce atomic layer deposition costs?

Servicing clogged or failed ALD valves is a production and
maintenance nightmare. So are ALD valves that under-perform,
usually the result of poor flow characteristics. Swagelok ALD valves are
designed to eliminate these problems and lower a system’s
total cost of ownership.


  • Valve diaphragms meet the precision and life-cycle requirements
    most appropriate for semiconductor wafer production
  • More than 100 million life cycles means Swagelok ALD valves rarely need replacing
  • Less valve maintenance improves productivity, increasing ROI
  • Valves are set to within 3 percent of the targeted Cv for reliable, repeatable
    results -- well below the 10 percent industry standard
  • Swagelok ALD valve reliability means less time and tools are needed to monitor
    the deposition process
  • From Swagelok, the company that set the standard for ALD processing technology


Let us prove how easy it is to reduce costs
with these valves.

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