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Nick Ezzone

Nick Ezzone, Vice President, Global Sourcing and Logistics

Nick Ezzone

Vice President, Global Sourcing and Logistics

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My work in a grocery store as a teen – watching a small enterprise manage the challenge of buying the right products, merchandising and selling, and focusing on customer service – seeded my interest in business.

My parents, both teachers, shaped my appreciation for education and my approach to learning. They showed me the value of asking “why” during problem solving and emphasized the importance of preparation. Their high expectations inspired me.

Following college, I served Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Newell Company, and Rockwell Automation in a range of purchasing and materials management roles that developed my ability to connect the dots across functions, and see how change efforts impact customers.

An opportunity to create a strategic sourcing and supplier development function, as director of global sourcing, attracted me to Swagelok in 2001. The work involved oversight of anything purchased to run the operation, including raw materials, components, capital equipment, tooling, and finished products. We assembled a team of engineers and sourcing professionals to bring a new rigor to supplier selection, qualification, assessment, and development. As a result, we effectively raised supplier performance while focusing our spending with companies that aligned with our preferred supplier profile. In time, Swagelok entrusted me with warehouse operations, an additional leadership challenge involving hundreds of people across multiple facilities. This role brought me closer to customers, expanded my understanding of the business, and provided an opportunity to further develop leadership skills in a new area of the business.

The path I’ve taken in giving back to my community maps back to a close family member’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis, which motivates my volunteer, executive board, and strategic planning committee involvement with the Ohio chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Collaborative Replenishment

Swagelok’s collaborative replenishment program ensures our roughly 10,500 make-to-stock products are available and on hand at our distributor and customer locations when they need them.